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Garage door residential, commercial services Plandome NY Garage Door is the best Garage Door Company in Plandome, NY. If asked what the most critical piece of equipment in their house is, most people would not come up with garage doors off the top of their head, but when their car is in the garage and they need to get out, whether to go to work or to the market, the proper operation of their garage door suddenly becomes of critical importance.  The staff at Plandome NY Garage Door realizes this, and that is why they pay close attention to the quality of work in every garage door they install or service. 

Plandome Garage Door is a local company that employs the most experienced and qualified technicians in the business. Plandome NY Garage Door knows everything about garage doors, which is why they its teams are capable of installing and maintaining all major brands.  If it's a new door you need, Plandome NY Garage Door is not a manufacturer which is why we are the best option when it comes to the purchase of a new garage door system. Plandome Garage Door can help you choose the best door for your needs without being restricted to a single brand name. Plandome Garage Door offers both manually operated and automatic garage door sales and service, and compares favorably against other local companies in terms of price - a real advantage in these uncertain economic times.

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Garage door broken spring repair, replacement services The components most likely to fail on any garage door are the springs; they are also potentially the most dangerous.  Torsion springs on an average residential garage door can support up to 500 pounds.  It is, therefore, imperative that you choose the most qualified technicians to repair or replace damaged or broken springs. The Plandome Garage Door technicians are highly skilled and familiar with all major brands of garage doors, they'll have your springs fixed and your door operating smoothly again in no time.  Plandome Garage Door technicians will even check the other components of your door to ensure that there are not other problems waiting to happen.
garage door opener repair, replacement services The days of the noisy, creaky garage door openers have passed, replaced by smoother, more efficient and quieter ones, but with that technology comes the need to have them installed and serviced by true professionals. Plandome Garage Door has the staff to make that happen.  Plandome Garage Door technicians have a through understanding of the technology that makes your garage opener tick.  Additionally, Plandome Garage Door can introduce you to the latest cool features in automatic garage door technology from keyless locks, wireless controls, even the ability to tie your garage door into your alarm system for a truly secure household.
Of course, Plandome Garage Door offers many doors with the added safety of an auto reverse feature should someone or something block the path of the door when it is being closed.  If you are already happy with your current opener, Plandome Garage Door services all major brands.

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Garage door repair, installation services

For either large or small repairs, Plandome Garage Door technicians are some of the most highly trained and experienced in the business. Whether the damage is an act of nature or man-made or maybe just the ravages of time, Plandome Garage Door responds promptly and isn’t satisfied until you are. Plandome NY Garage Door will take a consultative approach with you before any repairs are made, providing advice on what the most permanent and cost effective method would be for addressing your particular repair. Plus, unlike some other companies, Plandome Garage Door also repairs custom and odd size doors. No other company provides the level of service that Plandome Garage Door does.

When it comes to something as critical as your garage door, why would you trust anyone other than Plandome Garage Door for your sales and service needs? Plandome Garage Door provides free estimates, and would welcome the opportunity win your business.  For quality, service and price, let your first call be to Plandome Garage Door.


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